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Press Release: AdAsia Holdings to commence launching AdAsia Digital Platform and AdAsia Ad Network

~ A platform capable of programmatic buying and integrated report ~

AdAsia Holdings Pte. Ltd. (AdAsia Holdings), an Internet advertising company with its roots in Singapore, has, from May 11th 2016, officially commenced launching of its AdAsia Digital Platform, an advertising platform providing programmatic buying and integrated report management system, and AdAsia Ad Network, an advertising network for Southeast Asia’s various local media and publishers.

In the field of digital advertising nowadays, there exists a number of different advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. For that reason, it has become necessary for advertisers and agencies to configure their advertising in separate platforms, and then confirm their reports, which has led to complications and the increased labour needed to resolve them becoming a problem.

This is where AdAsia Holdings came in, with the commencement of its sponsorship of the AdAsia Digital Platform, a service capable of managing programmatic buying and integrated reporting functions in one single dashboard.

Furthermore, as a feature of this platform, the AdAsia Ad Network has also commenced operation. Through this ad network, it has become possible for advertisers and agencies to access the media buying of Southeast Asian countries’ local media and publishers. Also, media may also expect a maximization of advertising revenue by participating in the planning of this network

“Currently, as of May 11th, AdAsia Digital Platform has already been scheduled for implementation in 30 different companies. We have plans to through further expansion of platform functions and scale of the advertising network, achieve proceeds of 10 million USD within 2016” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and Founder of AdAsia Holdings.

About AdAsia Digital Platform

Through this service, the following features will be made available to advertisers and agencies.

1. Accessing multiple DSPs and advertising networks.

2. Advertisement to AdAsia Ad Network.

3. Direct deal with Premium publishers.

4. Integrated reporting management system.

5. Browsing all creative report.

6. Accessing next-generation TV advertising platforms. (Planned)

Additionally, creation of advertising units and browsing of advertising revenue reports have also been planned to be implemented for publisher dashboard.

“AdAsia Digital Platform” Dashboard

“AdAsia Digital Platform” How does it work?

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