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#AnyMindFamily Stories - MNC to startup: Devi Aprilia on experience, commitment and adaptability

Coming at a different angle from our Lunchtime Chats and #TeamAnyMind, Our new feature - #AnyMindFamily Stories - looks at our widest array of personalities ever, across AnyMind Group's offices.

“Always respect and listen to anyone you work with, no matter what your role is”. This is the value that I adopt when it comes to my working life as Finance Manager in AnyMind Group’s Indonesia office in Jakarta.

Devi Aprilia

My name is Devi Aprilia, I joined AnyMind Group in November 2016, when the team was only a month old. At that time, I was the fifth employee in Indonesia.

Coming in with more than nine years of experience as a finance and tax accountant at one of the biggest consulting firms, I’ve brought over my key learnings from working in a well-established company to AnyMind Group – an exciting startup that has seen rapid growth over the past few years.

Besides that, I wanted to find another challenge for myself. Although this company was small when I first joined, there was a bold claim at that time: to be one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world. That sparked not only my curiosity in joining a company with big ambitions but also the interest in being able to play a part in building a business. My passion for always learning and growing led me to apply and join a company with a large potential to grow, and I along with it.

Devi Aprilia

I feel grateful to witness and to be a part of this company’s growth as it now operates from 13 offices in 11 markets across the Asia Pacific.

Working in such a fast-growing company, there are inevitable challenges. Here, I have to work closely with a young generation of colleagues, and there can sometimes be gaps in terms of expectations. However, it encourages me to adapt and keep up with their way of thinking. As an example, since the company adopts a semi-formal dress code, I have to change my dressing style too. Also, mingling with them allows me to stay young!

Also, as one of the pioneers of the Indonesia team, it’s important that we build the office’s unique culture – what makes us special.

Looking further out into the industry, I admire the way this company has extended its arms into various industries spanning online advertising, influencer marketing, and human resource. Businesses can be pretty interesting too!

I really admire the leadership from the management team, and that is why I’ve defined my commitment to working here. Additionally, I believe that in order to be successful, we need to start with a good foundation and build from there – things will then go smoothly as the company scales, and ultimately we will achieve positive results.

Devi Aprilia

It’s important that we are able to manage our stress. Sometimes, my team and I approach stress in a different way – when we are stressed, we go for desserts (get it?)!

As a manager of the finance team in Indonesia, I consider my teammates as family, and this creates a sense of belonging, not just for me, but with my teammates too. We spend most of our time in the office, and I want everyone to feel that they are working in a safe and loving environment.

Besides that, I work closely with the regional finance team. I have close relationships with my co-workers across the region, and this minimizes the gap between countries, timezones, and cultures.

I’m not going to lie: working in a fast-growing company is difficult and has its own unique challenges, but ultimately, the experience, sense of achievement and fulfillment that follows is second to none!

If you’re looking to join AnyMind Group and the #AnyMindFamily, head on over to our careers page. To find out how it’s like working at AnyMind Group, you can follow us on Instagram @AnyMindGroup

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