Spark Your Culture - AnyMind Group all-hands meeting, July 2019



Jul 17, 2019

Welcome back to a round-up of yet another memorable AnyMind Group all-hands meeting. To see how we rounded up 2018 in our previous all-hands meeting, head on over to our previous all-hands meeting post.

We’re already halfway through 2019 in just a blink of an eye! With a focus on strengthening market share across our existing business lines and geographies, the past six months saw development across products, expansion of offerings, and the finalization of our Series B funding round at US$21,400,000.

In just over three years of operations, the company now stands at 568 staff across 11 markets and three industries, with three companies joining the AnyMind Group family (FourM in Japan, Acqua Media in Hong Kong, and Moindy in Thailand).

With over 20 nationalities represented within AnyMind Group, the theme for this all-hands meeting was “Spark Your Culture” and the #AnyMindFamily turned out in clothing that integrated cultural elements that represent any nationality.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, kicked things off with a look back on the past six months and shared some plans for the future.

With the company’s mission of empowering professionals, businesses and industries for further growth through technology, AnyMind Group has impacted over 1,300 marketers, 880 publishers, 36,000 influencers and content creators, and 250 human resource departments - a large feat considering the company’s short but exciting history.

Starting off with AdAsia, the past six months saw the renewal of the company’s flagship AdAsia Digital Platform for Advertisers - which is now connected to major DSPs and the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, along with developments in the digital out-of-home space, providing a one-stop solution for marketers to manage, activate and track their online advertising.

The revamp of the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers to AdAsia360 - a platform that provides publishers with 360-degree insights and action into their site’s monetization - also took centre stage, with a growing number of online site owners adopting the platform across Asia.

Turning attention to CastingAsia, the past six months saw the acquisition of Moindy, a multi-channel network in Thailand, and the launch of CastingAsia Creators Network into seven Asian markets, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. The CastingAsia Creators Network looks to provide resources for influencers and social media creators with resources to further grow their online presence.

This expansion into helping influencers and content creators grow complements the existing CastingAsia business, with the CastingAsia platform now fully integrated across search, marketplace and analytics functions - providing a platform for marketers to discover, manage, activate and track their influencer marketing activities.

The recent collaboration between the CastingAsia Creators Network and Keisuke Honda was also highlighted, with Honda becoming an advisor and strategic investor into AnyMind Group.

The TalentMind business line also saw growth, with development on a human resource management platform undertaken in recent times. The objective here is to provide human resource professionals with rich insights, analytics and action across their workflows - ultimately becoming an end-to-end human resource tool.

Before this all-hands meeting, a challenge was laid out to AnyMind Group staff: post a video on the company’s internal communication platform with the number of days they have worked in the company. The catch is to create as creative a video as possible.

Submissions guaranteed participation in a lucky draw held at the all-hands meeting, with some pretty interesting prizes up for grabs!

Next up was the awards ceremony - celebrating the achievements for the past 6 months.

With a total of 28 awards up for grabs across AnyMind Group’s businesses, this much-anticipated section was eagerly welcomed by attendees.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking, with awards for sales and support functions across AdAsia and CastingAsia, and corporate teams, along with two new awards: Rising Star award and Best Collaboration, which went to a collaboration between the CastingAsia teams for sales, support and engineering.

With the company spread across so many markets, it’s important that this all-hands meeting provided a chance for the team to physically collaborate across countries and departments - and that was the basis of the activity for this activity: to work together and build the tallest tower from spaghetti sticks and a marshmallow.

To cap off the night, a band and DJs were brought in - and we even had a special guest singer, musical sensation, Tony Phee from CastingAsia in Thailand.

A big thank you to all staff for the amazing achievements in the past six months! As AnyMind Group continues its growth towards empowering more professionals, businesses and industries for further growth through technology, it’s important to remember the moments and people that contributed to the growth - the basis of our all-hands meetings. We’ll definitely be back with more in January 2020, so stay tuned!


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