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Feb 11, 2019

Ever seen a company go from two founders to 380 staff across 11 markets, closed two funding rounds, and launch two additional business lines (and multiple products at that) - all this in less than three years?

Some of this growth at AnyMind Group was planned since the start of operations in April 2016, and some came to be organically. However, there has always been an underlying desire of providing the best possible environment for employees to grow and thrive in.

Balancing the growth of a business and employees can sometimes be challenging, particularly in the early years of the business.

We definitely do not have the perfect formula to this, and are still in the process of improvement, but here’s what we have done so far that has helped us reach where we are today.

Finding the right fit from the start

Through the use of TalentMind to find the best-fit candidate-fit in ready markets, to the determination of culture-fit, we ensure that job candidates have the best experience when applying for a role at AnyMind Group.

Hiring managers and HR members are also encouraged to refer applicants who fit the company’s culture but not the role, to another department - ensuring that we leave no stone unturned.

An environment for growth

An often overlooked but essential factor is office location - our offices are located in prime areas of the busiest cities. There is a two-pronged benefit for this: providing ease of access for our staff and ensuring there is surrounding infrastructure to satisfy hunger pangs.

Additionally, offices are designed to encourage collaboration, with open concept layouts adopted across our 11 markets. It also helps that the majority of our offices are stocked with snacks and drinks!

As an organization that advocates the importance of transparency (even in our products designed for the advertising, influencer marketing and human resource industries), staff have insights into business performance through weekly and monthly updates. The company’s “Monthly General Meeting” sees all offices connect through video conferencing, with updates and situations across all markets openly shared. This ensures that all 380+ people across Asia are aligned with the overall business.

This openness also extends to internal communication. Anyone in the company is just a chat message away, from the newest employee to the company’s founders. New ideas can be discussed and easily shared across our offices - something that is essential for constant innovation.

Staff are also equipped with best-in-class hardware and software to maximize their potential. From ergonomic furniture and working equipment, to cloud applications, employees are able to have easy access to the most powerful tools.

Employee development and recognition

The company’s “Growth for Everyone” philosophy extends not only to the growth of all external stakeholders, but to employees too. To that end, it is mandated by the company for managers to host regular and candid feedback sessions for their team members, and ensure that the entire team is aligned with expectations - managers of their team, and the team of their manager.

To keep up with the fast-changing industries the company is in, all employees have access to AnyMind University - an online learning platform that contains on-boarding and training workshops, industry advancements, cross-market sharing, and even specific market happenings. There are also employee and team initiated sharing sessions to further drive knowledge within the company.

Leadership bootcamps are held biannually, providing managers and leaders in AnyMind Group with the resources and knowledge to further drive their teams. These full-day sessions include sharing from managers across the company, along with practical workshops to equip managers with a strong foundation to run high-performing teams.

In order to further support employee growth in a fast-growing business, performance reviews occur twice a year, ensuring proper rewarding and keeping track of an employee’s achievements and development in their time with the company.

The company never falls short on recognizing high-performing individuals and teams, with numerous awards given out each quarter to recognize the contributions and growth of employees. Additionally, bigger offices also have monthly awards to celebrate the achievements of the team.

Work hard, play hard

The company’s all-hands meetings provide a chance for the AnyMind Group family to gather in a single location for a night of business alignment and celebration of achievements. Occurring twice a year, these events ensure that everyone has the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with their own cross-border teams, other departments and the company’s founders.

AnyMind Group all-hands meeting

That’s not all! We have regular “TGIF” events, where staff can casually gather and forge stronger bonds with each other over food and drinks. It’s not unusual to see dance battles or impromptu karaoke sessions blossom out of these gatherings. Some of the offices are even equipped with leisure equipment or have monthly wellness initiatives.

Of course, we’re never short on celebrating festive occasions and birthdays. Welcome meals for new staff are common too - we value our people from the very first day they join the company.

Life as a startup employee

Essentially, these activities and initiatives look to provide a thriving environment for employee growth - even for a 3-year-old startup. The company’s philosophy of “Growth for Everyone” begins internally with the provision of the best-possible foundation for all staff to grow. This naturally then extends to all external stakeholders - truly providing the basis of growth for professionals, businesses, and industries.

For further insight into how life is at AnyMind Group, check out our Instagram page, as we feature happenings across our different offices.

- Chris Lu is Regional Head of Communications and Culture Development for AnyMind Group.


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