Doctorate Degree (PhD) students visit to AnyMind Group’s headquarters



Dec 14, 2018

As AnyMind Group, we’re always looking to educate and enable professionals, businesses and industries to leverage on technology to empower further growth.

Last month, 15 doctorate degree (PhD) students from Ramkhamhaeng University in Thailand visited the AnyMind Group headquarters in Singapore to participate in a learning and sharing session on how AI can be used to enhance HR and the recruiting process. Through TalentMind, HR and recruitment professionals gain full insight into their recruitment activities, through a single, easy-to-use solution.

TalentMind is one of the few companies in Asia that offers an innovative applicant management system coupled with layers of AI to analyze and screen candidate data, and match them with the right company fit - empowering HR professionals with greater efficiency, and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Vivek Misra, Director of Strategic Initiatives for AnyMind Group, also shared with the doctorate degree students about the transition from traditional HRM to more innovative means - powered by AI.

Ultimately, the doctorate degree students were excited by what AI brings to the table for the human resource industry, and the positive value it will bring for human resource practitioners.

Thai Doctorate Degree students visit AnyMind Group's office in Singapore


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