#TeamAnyMind: Financia Chandra Yudha (Senior Executive, Influencer Marketing)



Nov 1, 2018

#TeamAnyMind drops at Indonesia office to talk to Financia Chandra Yudha. Find out why she wants to have a shelter for stray dogs and cats, here:

Hi guys! My name is Financia, (you must be thinking “is that even a name?” but, YES!) Many people have asked me why my name is Financia, it’s like Finance, but yeah I do not have an answer for that, though I have asked it to my parents. In a way, you can call me Finan for short. 😎

Life is incredible! As a young kid, I had aspirations to become an astronaut. This was because I always wondered what’s going on out there and what it’s gonna look like in outer space. This was always very appealing to me as a kid to experience living in outer space! 😌

But now, my dream is to live my life to the fullest. To live with simple things that make me happy, and of course it would be about travelling and animals! (Oh, if you talk to me about travelling and animals, I have so many things to share about!). 😉

The Opportunity To Work With Celebrities

I was born in Palembang, South Sumatra (one of the provinces in Indonesia). And I am also happy to call Yogyakarta my second hometown, because I spent 7 years in that beautiful city and gained so many memories! I actually took my bachelor’s degree at Atmajaya University, Yogyakarta.

AnyMind Group is the first company I joined after I graduated. I think I am the luckiest since I have the opportunity to learn and dive into the things that fascinate me. I joined as part of the CastingAsia team, which means that I have the chance to work with many influencers, and famous people that I used to see on my phone screen before. Now, I have good working relationships with them! This also opens up another horizon for me since some of the influencers have become good friends. Another thing to highlight: I am happy to grow together with the company! Growth for everyone! 🤓

I Found My Comfort Zone

I got to experience two big things whilst working at AnyMind Group. Firstly, I now have the chance to work in a new city outside Palembang and Yogyakarta, as I really enjoy having a nomadic life. This is interesting for me because I can learn a new culture and new things (yes, even if I’m in the same country!). This also happens to be one of the things that I enjoy doing since I was a teenager.

Secondly, I found out that working with people from various backgrounds is very exciting and also a great overall experience for me as well. I’m able to learn more about others’ cultures and dive more into diversity. In other words, it helps me become a citizen of the world.

And of course, I’m so happy to work with the CastingAsia team. We have so much fun and it feels like we were meant to meet each other and be together in this team. I enjoy working at AnyMind Group, and the CastingAsia team in Indonesia is like my family away from home. 😍

Bali and Shelter House

As mentioned above, I love travelling and I’m an animal person. I’m a simple person - just meeting a cat or dog on the street, and interacting with them, makes me happy. Also, it can be as simple as my boyfriend and I going to the nearest beach or mountain and leaving all the craziness in the city, I tend to be much happier and recharged after such trips! Just take me anywhere out of the city, and I will love it!

One more thing, I really want to build a shelter for stray dogs and cats, and truly drive animal advocacy here. Ideally, my home would be in Bali 😍 (So, if you guys happen to visit Bali once I have a home there, I would be very happy to let you guys stay at my home).

One thing that I am very sure is that there is a lot of space for both myself and the company to grow. To be a part of AnyMind Group with its international mindset always gives me a grateful heart to be able to grow with the company and learn a lot of things as well. And hopefully in the future, AnyMind Group would be listed as one of the unicorns in the industry.

Well, thank you for reading! Have a nice day, everyone! 😘


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