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AnyMind Group All-Hands Meeting - July 2018

The first all-hands meeting of 2018 brought everyone together once again, this time to look closer at larger changes to come. With new cultural pillars and a renewed emphasis on taking on the challenges of the next stage of growth, AnyMind Group is building the foundation for its future.

Another all-hands, another Bangkok rendezvous! AnyMind Group keeps growing – we’re now up to 300 employees across the 10 markets and 12 offices we are present in! With every all-hands, there’s always more new people to meet, and it presents a valuable opportunity for everyone to get on the same page. One meeting in person leaves a much deeper impression than any done through a computer screen, after all.

‘Getting on the same page’ applies not just between team members, but to the company as a whole, of course. As always, the evening began with an address from Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Kosuke Sogo.

The focus was on maintaining the startup attitude. It can sometimes be easy to forget amidst the rapid growth, but AnyMind Group is only slightly over two years old. At the two-year mark of their journeys, even some of the world’s biggest companies were completely unrecognizable from the gleaming behemoths they are now.

To this point, maintaining the mindset of a high-performing, high-potential startup was stressed. The company has grown very quickly, but there’s still a long road ahead, and we can’t afford to rest on our laurels or get comfortable!

The new overarching philosophy for the company is ‘Growth for Everyone’. This means growth for any and everyone associated with AnyMind Group, from employees to clients and any other external stakeholders. This is an extension of the vision of the company; that is, to empower organisations and industries to achieve better growth.

The AnyMind core values were also refurbished, trimmed down to three key ones: ‘Commitment’, ‘Speed’, and to ‘Be Adaptable’. Certainly, key things to keep in mind as the company embarks on the next stage of its development!

Sogo then moved on to giving a recap of the company’s performance over the first half of 2018, which continues its upwards trend. A big contributor to this growth is the further development of TalentMind, our human resource technology solutions business. With a growing customer base and continuous product development and optimization as we speak, you can be sure there’s more to come.

There was also more updates from CastingAsia, our influencer marketing business. With a mobile app in development, we’re looking to make it even easier for influencers to participate in campaigns on the go. Additionally, the platform continues to improve on its existing capabilities, enabling richer data.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer, took the stage next, to elaborate on updates to the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers (ADPP). Following the overarching theme, ADPP has also been constantly developing. With new innovative formats built in-house, AI-powered floor price optimization and yield management, the ADPP continues to provide new and effective ways for publishers to maximise yield, without sacrificing the user experience.

The final part of the evening’s proceedings beckoned; it was awards time. As always, COO and co-founder, Otohiko Kozutsumi, took the mic to announce our top performers of the past quarter.

With 19 awards up for grabs, we dove right in, starting with the top four (with two tied for third place!) performers from the Advertiser Engagement team. Charlene Kuo (Taiwan) and Chanathip Suthapradit (aka Neew) (Thailand) picked up the third place awards, while Toh Yi Hui (Singapore) placed second and Bertha Cindy (Indonesia) clinched the top award!

Next up were the Operations staff, the foundational support of the work that’s done for clients! Coming in third was Monica Hon (Hong Kong), in second was Nofriyadi Widodo (Indonesia) and first place went to Nguyen Minh Giang (Vietnam)!

The top Publisher Engagement team folks were next! Coming in third was Pei-Hsuan Chiang (aka Passion) (Malaysia), with second spot going to Vu Thi An Khanh (Vietnam) and first place occupied by Katsuhiko Sato (Japan).

The next set of winners were from the Corporate team, who serve as the backbone to overall business operations of AnyMind Group. In third place was Natcha Wattana (aka View) (Thailand), second place went to Wong Hui Ling (Singapore), and corporate MVP was Nguyen Mai Thuy Anh (Vietnam).

The second last set of top performers came from the people that power all our technology advancements: the engineering team! Coming in third was Artem Nepomniashchyi (Vietnam), followed by Dang Tan Loc (Vietnam) in second spot and Tran Anh Vuong (Vietnam), who secured the first prize!

Last but certainly not least, the top managers of past quarter. Coming in third was Parinee Dilokmeteekul (aka Kae) (Thailand), second went to Lidwina Anjani Putri (Indonesia), and the best manager award for the quarter went to Yusuke Yasuda (Japan)!

Congratulations to all the winners!

With the formalities all but over, the night finished with a short story and a toast from Chief Financial Officer, Keizo Okawa.


With the night’s main business done and over with, the mingling began. Everyone took the chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones, as the food, drink, and conversation flowed freely:

Check it out in video form too:

Next quarter, it’ll be the second AnyMind Group Leadership Bootcamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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