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#TeamAnyMind: Toh Yi Hui (Manager, Advertiser Engagement, AdAsia Holdings)

In today's #TeamAnyMind, we speak to the adventurous Yi Hui! Read on to find out what his secret recipe to work success is, his retirement goal, and his passion for getting acquainted with nature, especially on his travels:

Hello to everyone reading this! I’m Yi Hui from Singapore; a true blue Singaporean, unfortunately, turning 30 this year 😅.

I had a few nicknames when I was younger: “Stickman”, and even “Mian Xian” – a form of thin noodles – because I was slimmer than some of my female friends. Actually, I probably am still slimmer than many girls 😆.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I’m part of the Advertiser Engagement team. It’s something I have a fair amount of experience in, albeit from a slightly different viewpoint; in my previous job, I played a consultative role, providing guidance and recommending best practices to clients for their marketing efforts.

This prior experience has shaped how I approach my work. I believe that it is important to view the clients we talk to as partners, and not just customers. It’s key to really dive deep into their concerns and targets, to understand where they are coming from and where they want to go. Only then will you be able to propose solutions that will truly help them to meet their goals.

Listening is perhaps the most important part of my job. This is an industry that’s constantly evolving, and there’s a new or improved way to do things that comes out seemingly every other week. I learn a ton by listening to the many marketers that I speak to. This experience is incredibly valuable – I can bring it all together to expand my own horizons and knowledge, and develop best practices to share with everyone I work with.

Cultural diversity and engagement

Speaking of people I work with – I’d say that my colleagues are the best part of working here! Working with teams across the 10 markets we are present in has exposed me to such a wide variety of cultures. Everybody in AnyMind Group has something valuable to share, and it has been a wonderful experience learning from all of them.

The all-hands meetings are also great opportunities for us to meet new people and friends from the different offices. Everyone is really friendly and energetic, so fun times are guaranteed even if you’d only just met them! 😁

This interest in meeting new people and expanding my horizons is part of my personal passion: traveling. I feel that every country has its own special charms and stories, and I get the best feel of the land from the locals.

Being one with nature

I also try to understand the country better by the very land itself; I try my best to add trekking and/or mountain climbing to my travel itineraries. Getting in touch with nature allows me to appreciate life from a different perspective. It also slows things down, ultimately re-energizing me for my return to daily life 😊.

The world is massive and full of wonders, big and small. Get out there and experience it all for yourself! 🌏

A glimpse ahead

Anyway, looking ahead to the future: I wish to never stop learning in my career. I want the challenges to keep coming, I want to keep developing my skills, all so I can keep growing to be a better person.

On the personal side of things, I have a retirement goal: I want to open and operate a homestay or small resort in another country (perhaps Taiwan?), where I can chill and share stories with my guests. Learning to the end!

In fact, a fortune teller once told me I’d be married by the time I hit 25. Obviously, that didn’t come true and I’m glad it didn’t. I still have so much to do and explore before settling down!

Thanks for reading everyone, and remember: live curiously!

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