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Lunchtime Chat with... Nofriyadi Widodo (AdAsia Holdings)

Another all-hands meeting brings yet another batch of award winners. This also means we have another round of Lunchtime Chats - getting insights into what drives our people. First up, we sit down with Nofriyadi Widodo from Indonesia: the winner of the Best Employee award for AnyMind Group in 2018. He shares more on his approach to his work, and how this contributed to him winning the Best Employee award.

Tell us about your prior work experience

My background is actually in geography! Before jumping into the world of digital advertising, I was working as a mapping consultant. However, four years ago, I had the chance to work as a marketing planner in a digital agency – and from that time onwards, I learned about digital marketing and became interested to be a trader (ad operations).

Tell us more about your role in AnyMind Group.

As a manager in the Account Strategy department, my responsibilities include the executing ad buys, ensuring ads are delivered based on a media plan, and helping clients achieve their KPIs. With technology advancing so quickly, it’s important that we provide the right support for our clients that utilize our technology, like the AdAsia Digital Bidder and AdAsia Premium Marketplace.

It’s a two-fold job: pricing ad buys, and helping our team prepare media plans for pitching. I also play a hand in sharing and keeping the wider team updated with the Indonesia market, drive best practices within our field, and ensure the best workflow for all parties that I work with.

What attracted you to join AnyMind Group?

I believe digital advertising will keep growing and becoming more sophisticated. Having experience as a marketing planner made me want to explore more into the industry, and I was very interested in the role offered by AdAsia Holdings. I want to become an expert on ad platforms.

When I joined AdAsia Holdings, the company had just expanded into Jakarta (Indonesia), and I had the opportunity to focus more on this role. I thought it was a good chance to explore more into the world of ad buying, especially in a multinational startup :D. I’m definitely not regretting it!

Nofriyadi Widodo

How has it been so far and what do you enjoy the most about your role?

When I joined initially in Jakarta, it was still a pretty small team, and I had a lot of chances to learn and explore more. As time went on and our Indonesia team grew bigger, I enjoyed the challenges that came with such fast expansion. The best thing though, is the opportunity to work alongside a global team.

What was your biggest professional achievement in the past 6 months?

There has been immense growth, for myself and for our operations in Indonesia. I became the lead of the Account Strategy team in Jakarta – and this is definitely one of my biggest achievements. I also had many chances to develop my own skills, and having my own team – allowing me to grow my managerial skills as well.

How has your role and the company evolved over the time you’ve been with the company?

I have been with AdAsia Holdings for almost 2 years (come April), and I’m always given more room to learn, improve, and develop my skills.

As we know in the past two years, the company had expanded so quickly. Now we have offices in 11 markets, and more than 360 staff in AnyMind Group! I think the company will keep growing, developing existing products, and building new innovations in the future.

The key thing to technology adoption definitely has to be the support provided to clients. Having strong support, and of course, performance, helps build trust in the technology they are adopting.

What do you think contributed to your success in the past 6 months?

Definitely trust from my colleagues and country manager when I’m trying to solve any problems that I find. Also, definitely do not be afraid to try. Receive the challenge with open arms and take a stab at them, because this only increases our experience and capabilities.

What tips or advice do you have for your co-workers?

Never stop learning whenever and wherever you are. Try first to do something that you think will be impossible, because I believe in the “trial and error” concept – learn from your failures, so that you do not fall into the same hole.

Tell us about the real you! What drives you, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a calm person, and sometimes it’s not easy to blend in with others. However, once I forge a stronger relationship with a person, they will definitely know me. I love playing badminton in my spare time, and I can also sleep the entire day :D.

Nofriyadi Widodo

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