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Lunchtime Chat... Tran Anh Vuong (Senior Frontend Engineer)

We go with another lunchtime chat this time with a very special person coming from our product development center. Let's take a look at how Tran Anh Vuong dives his love into the coding stuffs!

Tell us about your prior work experience.

Before I joining AnyMind Group, I worked as a front-end developer for over 2 years. As a front-end developer, I was responsible to build web-apps using Javascript and AngularJS, a JavaScript-based open-source web application framework mainly maintained by Google to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications.

Tell us more about your role in AnyMind Group.

My role as a front-end developer evolves around improving user experience and translating them into practical code. I am in charge of developing easy-to-use UI with other responsibilities to implement visual elements that users see and interact within a web application. Together with the back-end web developers (responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work front-end developers do), we create user-friendly and interactive solutions.

What attracted you to join AnyMind Group?

The first thing that attracted me was the professionalism and how fast the company is growing. Speaking about professionalism, I think it is a key element in a person’s career arsenal. Being professional does not mean having advanced degrees or other certifications, framed and hung on the office wall. To me, it means bringing a positive mindset and aptitude to work, and ensure smooth collaboration with your reports, peers and managers.

When I joined the company, I was amazed (and I am still amazed) by the technology and intricate processes applied by every product team to every solution. As a technology company, such elements are crucial in delivering market-ready solutions, and ensure sanity in our day-to-day work. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work in a conducive, open-minded and challenging environment.

Before joining AnyMind Group, what did you know about the marketing or influencer marketing industry?

To be honest, I did not have much knowledge on digital advertising or influencer marketing before joining AnyMind Group. But, after joining the company, I know that this industry is rapidly growing and I’m learning more about it each day.

How has it been so far and what do you enjoy the most about your role?

For me, it has been a really challenging journey as we explore solutions for various industries. However, this journey is something I enjoy, and I’m always given the opportunity to enhance my skills and gain more expertise. Moreover, I have a great and talented team, that is always willing to support and guide me. We are closely connected to each other and often motivate each other as well.

How has your role and the company evolved over the time you’ve been with the company?

Following the progressive expansion of the company and also the product development center, I am able to explore new things in order to enhance my skills and expertise. Though my scope of work has not changed much, I know that there is always room for me to grow. By working here as well, I learn a lot about business logic and product knowledge, which help me to develop an effective and engaging products.

Tell us more about your personality.

Some of my friends would say that I have a sense of humor. I love cracking jokes with people around me just to liven up the mood and situation. As I mostly work with engineers, we tend to be quite serious most of the time, as our work requires a great degree of accuracy and precision. With that being said, I enjoy joking around with my colleagues during breaktime.

What tips or advice do you have for your co-workers?

For me, it is very important to have good quality and frequency of interaction with co-workers. We also need to be open-minded, learn from each other, and also discuss different perspectives. We all come from different cultures and backgrounds, so it is essential to see everything from diverse points of view.

What can’t you live without?

Air! Jokes aside, what’s important for me is happiness. This applies to anything: at work, at home, or in society. I can’t imagine living a year without happiness, not to say 10 or 30 years . Happiness is my top priority.

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