Kosuke Sogo

Kosuke Sogo

CEO and Co-founder

十河宏輔(Kosuke Sogo)是AnyMind Group的執行長及聯合創辦人,負責督導公司在全球各市場的擴充和發展。

在十河宏輔的領導下,AnyMind Group以AdAsia™Holdings這間公司提供以科技驅動的市場行銷解決方案。公司發展至亞洲各個主要市場,並會在未來擴展至全球不同地區。

十河宏輔曾在2015年的World Brand Congress獲得「Asia’s Most Influential Digital Marketing Professional」的殊榮,並被大會選為 “100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders 2016” 。同時,他也被Mumbrella Asia Awards 2017年選為「Under-30 Achiever of the Year」。

Otohiko Kozutsumi

Otohiko Kozutsumi

COO and Co-founder

小堤音彦是AnyMind Group的COO及聯合創辦人,負責督導公司的業務發展策略。

小堤音彦在數位行銷、廣告科技和業務發展上擁有八年的經驗。在創立AnyMind Group之前,他曾擔任APAC的營運官並協助公司在越南及亞洲區發展。

在此之前,他管理和開發了Nobot Inc.的智能手機廣告網絡,並參與了日本手機公司在東南亞地區的規劃和擴張。他擁有發展該公司業務及海外擴張的經驗,並為Nobot公司的併購做出了貢獻。

Keizo Okawa

Keizo Okawa


大川敬三(Keizo Okawa)是AnyMind Group的財務總監(CFO)。

在加入集團之前,大川於國際投資銀行摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)擔任副總裁的職位,專注於科技公司的收購合併及其在資本市場的交易。此前,他在德勤管理咨詢(Deloitte Consulting)任職逾五年。

Hitoshi Maruyama

Hitoshi Maruyama


丸山仁(Hitoshi Maruyama)是AnyMind Group的戰略總監 (CSO)。

在加入AdAsia Holdings之前,丸山曾分別於日本廣告科技公司Geniee及總部在印尼的ADSTARS。丸山在AdAsia Holdings領導Publisher Engagement整個部門在亞洲區的發展,並帶領團隊優化AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers。這個平台利用人工智能協助網上媒體從播放、原生及影片廣告多個渠道獲得營利。

Akinori Nishiyama

Akinori Nishiyama


將會領導AnyMind Group的人力資源職能 – 發展、建立及統一整個集團的人力資源政策。


在加入AnyMind Group之前,西山是MicroAd, Inc.及MicroAd Plus, Inc.的行政總裁,並在CyberAgent擔任領導職位。

phuong nguyen

Phuong Nguyen

Country Manager, Vietnam and Philippines

Phuong Nguyen is the Country Manager, Vietnam and Philippines for AnyMind Group. She is based in Ho Chi Minh City and leads the company’s business operations across Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the Philippines. Phuong has been involved with digital marketing and media since 2011 and has played key management roles in both marketing communication and media companies in Vietnam.

She was most recently General Manager for MicroAd in Hanoi, Vietnam, and before that, worked in roles in Mediacom Vietnam and Time Universal Communications.

lidyawati aurelia

Lidyawati Aurelia

Country Manager, Indonesia

Lidyawati Aurelia is the Country Manager of AnyMind Group in Indonesia. She is responsible for the company’s operations in Indonesia, with the aim of establishing AnyMind Group as the leading technology company in Indonesia with technological solutions for various industries that empower growth.

Lidyawati has more than 8 years of experience in the digital marketing field. Before joining AnyMind Group, she held roles in digital agencies and programmatic advertising companies such as Media X Asia, MicroAd Indonesia and Sociomantic.

vivek misra

Vivek Misra

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Vivek Misra is Director of Strategic Initiatives at AnyMind Group and leads the company’s corporate strategy efforts, spanning product and solutions strategy, strategic partnerships, and sales enablement.

He was formerly Senior Engagement Manager of APAC for AppNexus, where he helped drive traction for a client portfolio which included publishers, adtech vendors, and agency buyers.

Prior to that, Misra was a Value Architect at Accenture’s Analytics and Platform arm, pitching and delivering advanced analytics and digital strategy solutions to enterprises. Misra kickstarted his career at DBS Bank, where he became Vice President of Equity Derivatives Trading, Treasuries and Markets.

akifusa kanda

Akifusa Kanda

Country Manager, Malaysia

Akifusa Kanda is Country Manager for AnyMind Group in Malaysia. Based out of Kuala Lumpur, he oversees the company's operations in Malaysia.

Kanda has over a decade of experience in digital advertising, spanning Japan and APAC markets. Prior to joining the company, Kanda served in various leadership roles at Geniee, a Japanese supply-side platform.

vivian yen

Vivian Yen

Country Manager, Taiwan

Vivian Yen is Country Manager, Taiwan for AdAsia Holdings. She oversees sales and operations for the company in Taiwan. Yen was formerly running a family-owned business that specialized in investment and marketing consultation for several technology startups in Taiwan.

Prior to that, Yen was General Manager of MediaCom Taiwan, Vice President of ZenithOptimedia Taiwan, and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Pioneer International, which was later sold to Group M.

Ben Chien

Ben Chien

Managing Director, Greater China

Ben Chien is Managing Director of AnyMind Group in Greater China, and also leads AdAsia Holdings’ sell-side business for the region.

Prior to joining AnyMind Group, Chien was founder of Acqua Media. He also held leadership roles at CommercialAsia and Yahoo.


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