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Accelerate your growth today through software that is strong individually, but powerful together.

The platform that drives continuous brand success.

AnyMind Group develops software that seamlessly connects across brand planning, manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and marketing.

We provide the only platform in Asia where individuals and businesses can tap on a single, trusted solution that continuously drives business results.








Leveraging on analytics across online assets and social media, we provide you with a data-backed 360° view of your brand and what it can become.

Growth of individuals

End-to-end support for individuals, influencers and content creators who are looking to build and maximize their own brand value.

Growth of businesses

Utilize data across your online and social media channels to understand what your target customers are interested in, and design, plan and market your brand.

Growth of media companies

Comprehensive solutions for the monetization of online media, including the launch of mobile apps and more to maximize brand value.


Through AnyFactory, a cloud manufacturing platform that connects with over 200 factories across Asia, you can now find the best manufacturer for your desired products.

Easy product manufacturing

Through a network of over 200 factories across Asia, you can now easily find and match with the most suitable manufacturer for the products you want to create.

Analyze and find the best manufacturer

Data, including quality, efficiency and more, is accumulated over time, enabling the recommendation of the most appropriate manuafacturer that meets your needs.

Process management efficiency

Leverage available features to easily manage your entire manufacturing chain, including interaction and transaction history, specification feedback and more.


We don't just help you create and operate your e-commerce site, but also enable you to leverage on tools used by some of the largest websites in the world.

Site development and operations

We help you to design, develop and operate your e-commerce site to fit your desired brand, ensuring scalability and usability for your digital storefront.

Site customization

Tapping on the expertise used in helping online media grow, we improve the user experience of your site by building powerful and scalable functionality.

Site design and creative production

End-to-end development of all your e-commerce site's assets, including the design, implementation and production of creative materials.


Tap on AnyMind Group's proprietary software in digital marketing and influencer marketing to drive customer action.

Influencer marketing

Supercharge your influencer marketing activities today through our proprietary influencer marketing platform and in-market expertise.

Digital marketing

Through a powerful platform, you can now tap on a single solution for your digital marketing initatives, from implementation to reporting.

Integrated marketing

Comprehensive support from planning and implementation to analysis, tapping web, in-app and DOOH advertising to reach your audiences.


A complete solution for your logistics needs - everything from inventory and warehouse management to product shipping can be managed through a single dashboard.


Break down borders from purchase confirmation to product shipment, enabling you to improve brand trust and gain insightful data on user purchases to further increase sales.

Inventory management

All inbound and outbound specifications and inventory management are done through a single platform, enabling more convenient and accurate logistical operations.

Customer support

End-to-end support for customer service, including the handling of shipping status and return requests, easing the burden of complicated customer service and relations.


By visualizing inquiries from customers and responding flexibly, we provide support that leads to improved satisfaction, powering your business to do more.

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Accelerate your growth today through software that is strong individually, but powerful together.

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