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The human behind our Human Resources function in India and the Middle East

Dipti Mothreja, Senior Human Resources Manager, India and the Middle East, AnyMind Group

Dipti Mothreja has been synonymous with POKKT for eight years now, joining the mobile video advertising outfit back in 2014. The circumstance in which she joined the company is a story in itself: “Rohit interviewed me eight years back and found me strange and insane. He was not sure about whether I should be hired, but who knows what happened and he decided to give me an opportunity. I somewhere think he isn’t regretting that decision, but please check with him, I would love to know his thoughts!”

Today, Dipti is Senior Manager, Human Resources for AnyMind Group’s India and Middle East operations, and is responsible for areas including employee relations, recruitment, payroll, learning and development, and more.

She has grown together with POKKT over the years, fondly recalling: “After continuous efforts and many sessions with POKKT founders, they now have full faith in me and what I am today is because they never gave up on me.” POKKT’s founders, Rohit Sharma and Vaibhav Odhekar are now respectively Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of India and the Middle East for AnyMind Group.

“When I joined POKKT, it was just a one-year-old startup with 15 employees, no processes or good culture – these had to be built from scratch. Together we have put a lot of hard work into building a company that has experienced tremendous growth. There were definitely highs and lows, but we have all come out stronger from it,” she continued.

What she thought when POKKT was acquired by AnyMind
When AnyMind acquired POKKT back in March 2020, Dipti shared with us that she had many questions on whether the employees of POKKT would be taken care of. It seems like those questions have been answered: “Trust me, the acquisition went so smooth and I have made so many good friends.”

She continued: “I have and still am learning so much. If the acquisition didn’t happen, my growth might have stagnated. I am looking forward to more growth and heights in the future with AnyMind, and I’m thankful that the people here have been humble and helpful to me, even up to this day.”

Grown confidence
“What excites me about AnyMind is the confidence that each and every individual is carrying. In fact, my own confidence level has been boosted more since becoming part of the company,” Dipti shares.

This might be attributed, in part, to the company’s core values, as she shares: “When I orientate new joiners and explain to them about the values, it’s important that I myself believe in it and start to implement these in my career and personal life.”

Her favorite core value is to “Be Bold”, and she cited a specific instance: “Sogo had spoken in an internal town hall where he mentioned that this value refers to ‘challenging yourself more and more and not to be content so easily.’ I feel like it is difficult, but not impossible (to do).”

About belief and intrigue
Dipti also mentioned during the interview that she loves it when people go to her seeking advice or asking for help (at all levels in the company, from top management to new or junior employees). She shares: “Being a ‘people’s person,’ I speak to employees, listen to them patiently and try my best to resolve their issues. When their issues are resolved, they do come to me and say ‘thank you,’ which is what makes me happy and that is what I love most about my job.”

“What I have noticed in AnyMind that excites me is there are so many different businesses in the company and there are so many employees who have been given the opportunity to work in different businesses and departments,” she said when asked about what excites about the company.

In fact, she has some words of wisdom for new or aspiring employees: “Believe in yourself, work hard to achieve your goals and manifest them. It’s not impossible, if I can do it, you all can do it.” She ended the interview by saying: “Dreams do come true.”

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