Press Release

Associate Professor of The University of Tokyo, Prof. Dr. Toshihiko Yamasaki, appointed as technical advisor for AnyMind Group

Press Release


Jul 30, 2019

AnyMind Group, a technology company that provides software for the advertising, influencer marketing, and human resource industries, has today announced the appointment of Prof. Dr. Toshihiko Yamasaki, Associate Professor of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology in The University of Tokyo, as technical advisor to AnyMind Group.

Prof. Dr. Yamasaki has been doing research on various electronic information technologies, especially in large scale multimedia data processing, 3D image processing, object recognition, machine learning and so on. He served as a visiting scientist at Cornell University during 2011-2013.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder, AnyMind Group said: “We welcome Prof. Dr. Yamasaki’s expertise as technical advisor to us, and aim to further grow the business by strengthening investment in cutting-edge technology, in our bid to empower professionals, businesses and industries for further growth.”

Previously operating as AdAsia Holdings, AnyMind Group was formed in January 2018 and operates three business lines: AdAsia Holdings (advertising), TalentMind (human resource) and CastingAsia (influencer marketing). AnyMind Group aims to provide industries, businesses and professionals with a suite of solutions to enable greater growth. Headquartered in Singapore, AnyMind Group has over 500 staff from 20 nationalities, across 13 offices in 11 markets. To date, AnyMind Group has raised a total funding of US$35.9 million, from investors including (but not limited to) LINE, Mirai Creation Fund, VGI and JAFCO Asia.


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