Introducing AnyMind Group's Bangkok office!



Oct 9, 2019

Hi everyone!
If you haven't checked out the tour of our new office in Bangkok, Thailand, check it out below! Aza will be your tour guide, as he takes you through the spanking new premises.

Entering the office after getting off the elevator, the town hall space is used for presentations and office-wide meetings.

Our production studio provides influencers and creators with a location to shoot the next hot video

The CEO room doubles up as a meeting room when the he's not in Bangkok.

Our various meeting rooms have differing themes - some pretty interesting ones too!

The office space is shared amongst different teams and functions.

We also have meeting pods for those collaboration discussions, which doubles up as a concentration pod for the solo.

THere is a huge refrigerator in the pantry - scratch that, make it two!

The recreation space is for those looking to take some "me" time, although some people also have discussions here

We also have two vending machines (the drinks are free!) for those who want to quench their thirst.

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