Outbound marketing in Taiwan through influencer marketing



Jul 17, 2019

Last July, we joined an influencer marketing plus cross border marketing business matching event organized by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taipei. Our Advertiser Engagement team and CastingAsia team collaborated together to participate in the business matching session afterward.

Sunny Yeh, Senior Manager for CastingAsia from Taiwan office also took to the stage to share with audiences about the influencer marketing and KOL economy in Southeast Asia and how Taiwanese companies can leverage on this unique opportunity to grow their business in Southeast Asia through effective influencer marketing strategies.

The popularity of social networks in Southeast Asia is among the highest in the world. According to, active social media users currently exceed the 400 million user mark. With double-digit growth in most segments and most countries in the region, the digital sector is booming and attracting a lot of interest.

In two years, the number of internet users in just Indonesia is expected to reach approximately 160 million. Additionally, 93% of Thailand’s internet users use smartphones to access social networks - representing a huge opportunity for Taiwanese businesses to reach this demographic.

After speaking on the outbound influencer marketing economy and opportunity, the team joined the forementioned cross-border marketing business matching session. The event was attended by approximately 100 attendees, with our team sharing the combined offerings of AdAsia and CastingAsia.


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