AnyMind Group moves into brand new premises in Thailand



May 13, 2019

We just can’t stop growing! Following the recent acquisition and resulting merger of Moindy Digital in Thailand, we moved into a new space on the 34th floor of Bhiraj Tower - situated right in the heart of bustling Bangkok.

Over 170 staff now sit in AnyMind Group’s Bangkok office - a mix of sales and operations, engineering and more recently, creator management and production folks. We even have a studio for our exclusive CastingAsia Creators Network personalities to use - we want to help them grow as a creator and go global, and provide them with the resources to do so.

The new office space provides #TeamAnyMind in Thailand with a vibrant and interesting experience at work, providing a space where everyone can grow together and learn from each other. We’re big on ensuring our staff have ample opportunities and space to relax, socialize and learn from each other.

With growth for everyone the company’s philosophy, the town hall area is used during lunchtime for “Lunch and Learn” sessions. With lunch provided, staff have a platform to share and learn from each other - with topics ranging from personal investment and time management to the development of sales or how they can become social media influencers.

We’re a place where tech meets creativity, with our Bangkok-based engineers having just to look up from their screens to see what the creator production and creative teams are up to. This synergy between worlds helps us create the right solutions - with staff from AdAsia Holdings, CastingAsia and TalentMind sitting within the same office.

This open concept also allows teams to collaborate better, with booth-like pods providing spaces for quiet thinking (and naps?).

We’re definitely big on localization, but similar to some of our other offices, the Bangkok office consists of a healthy mix of nationalities - with people from over 11 countries just in this space.

For those who don’t want to sit at their desks for long periods at a time, they have the choice to sit on swings to hammer their keyboards (although that might be a bit difficult).

With the company just passing its 3rd birthday, there is definitely more room to grow in the future. With recent movements into DOOH advertising and influencer management, and soon to be revealed developments across our three businesses, this space is definitely one to watch!

For more information about available roles in our Bangkok office, head on over to our careers page for more information.


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