Industry spotlight: Augmented Reality



Jan 11, 2019

Simply broken down, Augmented Reality (AR) is a revolutionary technology that synergistically infuses the natural environment with the virtual world. Successfully blending these two spheres of existence is a phenomenon in itself, however harmonizing them in the most natural and life-like way is where the real challenge comes into play. Nonetheless, ongoing developments and research are making this feat a reality and giving users an “out-of-this-world” experience.

Industry spotlight: Augmented reality

There are various segments of the industry that are going to feel an impact from AR technology, and a multitude of formats and concepts that are being implemented. That aside, let’s discuss further about how AR actually works. AR is a complex technology that essentially involves bringing computer generated objects into the real-world. These computer-generated images can only be seen by a user using an AR-powered device, such as a headset, visor, goggles, camera lens etc. These devices function through the use of synthetic and natural-light and the projected images will be displayed before the user. The majority of these devices are also self-contained and leverage on computer hardware components and software that are directly built into the unit itself – therefore eliminating the need to carry around any additional devices or gadgets. The AR device is also equipped with several types of cameras, including depth-sensing and environment-sensing cameras that assist in analyzing and processing images. Through the collaboration of all of these technologies, AR image projection is made possible.

With the constant need for further progression and development in this field, industry research continues to be the driving factor in promoting this.

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