Different ways AI is being used today: Security



Jan 10, 2019

AI continues to spread its wings and plant its roots into a multitude of industries and business segments. An industry such as security is no surprise given the surplus of possibilities of AI. Let’s dive in and take a further look at this topic.

With continuous development and advancement in the field of AI, many companies have started to leverage on this technology as a powerful defense mechanism against potential cyber-attacks and malicious online threats. AI empowers detection, prediction and prevention of threats and circumvents them without any direct involvement from humans.

Different ways AI is being used today, AnyMind Group: Security

Machine learning and on a broader spectrum, AI, is already being used to detect and prevent fraudulent traffic or interactions with ads. A 2018 report by AdAsia Holdings’ ad verification partner, Fraudlogix, found that 12 percent of global digital ad traffic is fraudulent – further outlining the need for marketers, advertisers and publishers to leverage on ad verification tools to ensure their advertising is seen by real humans.

In the use case of online ad fraud, machines are able to leverage on big data to visualize abnormal and fraudulent activity on an advertiser’s ads or a publisher’s site, and identify and blacklist sources of fraudulent clicks or traffic in real-time.

At AnyMind Group we believe security is of utmost priority and apart from the implementation of strong security measures on our platforms, our company, AdAsia Holdings, is also looking to drive the conversation in Asia on ad fraud, brand safety and viewability. Our recent partnership with adloox plays a key role in this, with our clients having pre-included full access to the ad verification tools by adloox.

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