AI Spotlight: Search Engines



Dec 24, 2018

Given the extensive reach of the arm of AI, it’s no surprise that its presence is now beginning to make an appearance and influence search engine features and capabilities. Search has always been a useful and key enterprise technology for business processes and pivotal for data collection. With the capacity to further augment search functionality, let’s analyze how AI drives search engines to the next level.

In the context of AI-powered search engines, there are several different features that can be utilized to streamline processes and improve search queries. Given the frequent utilization of search engines, it’s no surprise that in the near future AI-driven technologies such as visual and voice search will enable businesses to drive greater discoverability. Businesses will have the opportunity to identify and discover the best way to leverage on this technology in order to capitalize and increase monetization.

Another revolutionary AI-powered feature will be the ability to distinguish exactly what type of content a user is interested in. Previously, search engines were programmed to only search for specific keywords from a catalog of data. However, with the power of AI, search engines will have the ability to search for data and customize results based on user behavior. AI will empower search engines to distinguish if a particular website meets the user’s criteria more than another and will bump up that URL to the top search result. Alongside these benefits, content classification will not only be able to find relative content, but we’re starting to see this being applied to multimedia as well – such as images and videos.

AI technology is a key driving force behind our vast array of solution offerings at AnyMind Group. We stay on top of current technologies and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve user experience and customization. Search engine optimization is just one of the many AI tools that we can leverage on to ensure that user experience is geared towards their key interests and behavioral patterns of engagement. Although we don’t have a search engine, we’re looking to make AI more usable for professionals, businesses and industries. Check out our AI-driven solution offerings here!


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