AI spotlight: Deep learning



Dec 17, 2018

AI as we know it is evolving at an exponential rate, and the quality and learning capacity of machine-driven solutions are reaching a peak level of performance and optimization, largely due to increased computing powers. Let’s take a look into the topic of deep learning and see how it has evolved into what it is today.

Deep learning is essentially an automated, self-teaching system in which existing data is used to train algorithms to discover specific patterns and associations. These findings are then used to make predictions about new data. This is made possible through the various layers of artificial neural networks designed to replicate the network of neurons in the human brain. This deep learning allows the algorithm to perform multiple cycles of data analysis to narrow down patterns and increase the accuracy of predictions within each cycle.

Deep learning is an essential AI block for us at AnyMind Group. Utilization of deep learning allows us to continually improve our algorithms and data, while simultaneously enabling us to deliver solutions that can perform at high levels of accuracy and reliability. Continually innovating and experimenting with deep learning techniques ensure we stay in the front seat when it comes to data recognition and optimization for our solutions.

Delivering optimal solutions for professionals, businesses and industries via the latest technologies has always been the key driving force behind our business, through easy-to-use, one-stop AI-driven business applications. As always, we’re committed to helping you understand more about key tech and industry trends.

To find out more about how we’re utilizing AI in each industry vertical including AdAsia Holdings (and advertising technology), CastingAsia (and marketing technology), and TalentMind (HR technology), click here.

AnyMind Group industry spotlight: Deep learning


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