Different ways AI is being used today: Chatbots



Dec 11, 2018

We’re taking a look once again at how AI is being used today – this time, let’s consider and analyze another tech-based approach to customer relations management.

When it comes to customer relations, maintaining a long-lasting relationship is of definitive importance to keep your business on-track for the future. Assisting in making this process smoother and more efficient is where chatbots come into play.

Just a few years ago when chatbots first hit the scene in the industry, conversations with these human-like counterparts were a fairly cumbersome and frustrating process. However, thanks to further work in the natural language processing (NLP) space, chatbots are now able to near-perfectly communicate with customers in a natural manner and have the ability to answer questions and even tackle the task of translation. This leaves the doors wide-open for international client relations and alleviates many difficulties that were faced in the past.

At AnyMind Group, even though we have not developed a chatbot, NLP is one of the key drivers of our AI engines. On a wider note, we’re looking to drive the usability of AI to improve or augment different business functions across various spectrums. We’re always looking to push the boundaries of what AI can bring to professionals, businesses and industries - with a primary focus on user-friendliness and compatibility for the customer.

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