Different ways AI is being used today: Will AI news anchors replace humans?



Nov 26, 2018

Destined to be the first of several subsequent articles in this series, let’s dive into the world of artificial intelligence and see how it is being used today. AI is a hot topic these days and further developments and innovations are constantly being made.

AI in news

In the realm of these developments, a new and futuristic approach to televised news broadcasting is being introduced. We first saw about it in Mumbrella Asia's article titled: "Who needs human newsreaders when AI can do the job without pay or breaks?"

Mainland China’s Xinhua News Agency has a plan to use AI news anchors that can deliver the news in both English and Chinese. The AI news anchors will appear humanlike and speak as such, so much so that the average television viewer wouldn’t even think twice to question the authenticity.

In a way, the machines are already curating news based on our vertical preferences and topic interests, delivering the right content to the right audience: almost like what we're already doing in the advertising technology industry.

The aim for this is to optimize the noise and barrage of content available to us each day, allowing us to better spend our time doing more strategic activities.

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