TalentMind Product Update: Strengthened matching and logic, site push and source reporting functions



Apr 19, 2018

TalentMind, a human resource technology company and part of the AnyMind Group, has today released enhances to the platform’s AI engines, site push and source reporting functions, on the TalentMind platform’s proprietary AI-driven recruiting engine and dashboard.

Strengthened matching and logic

Leveraging on reinforced natural language processing modelling, the matching of a candidate’s resume to job description and hiring requirements has been strengthened.

Additionally, recruitment and human resource professionals are now able to select a variety of base score calculation logic for different job roles, allowing for more precise and intelligent candidate selections through the TalentMind platform.

Site push functions

Through the TalentMind platform, users can now enter job posts, descriptions and role requirements. When connected to a company’s website, TalentMind also has auto-push and update functions for job posts, circumventing the need to log in to a website’s CMS.

Source reporting function

Having insight into the best performing job board sources is key to activity optimization and source focus for recruitment professionals. TalentMind now provides enriched source reporting for users, enabling greater insights into the best performing sources.

These new platform enhancements enable users to improve candidate sourcing precision and workflow efficiency, through a single, easy-to-use platform.

To find out more about the new features and test out the TalentMind platform, click here.


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