Announcement – Regarding the unauthorised activities and brand usage of AnyMind Group and subsidiaries



May 11, 2019

Recently, AnyMind Group has received information about the unauthorised usage of AnyMind Group and subsidiary AdAsia Holdings' brand collaterals, through the impersonation of identity on LINE. The offending account undertook recruitment on Facebook groups and LINE to recruit freelancers to manage Facebook groups and postings.

We hereby clarify that AnyMind Group or AdAsia Holdings has never set up any such account, or authorized the infringers to undertake recruitment activities of any kind on LINE or Facebook on behalf of the company. All activities performed through the social accounts that claim to be AnyMind Group (link) or AdAsia Holdings (link), other than the official accounts linked formerly, is an unauthorised use of the company’s image rights. Please stay alert to fraudulent information and beware of fraudulent activity.

AnyMind Group reserves the right to take necessary legal actions against such impersonators or fraudulent activities.

If you find a criminal who is guilty of counterfeiting AnyMind Group or its subsidiaries: AdAsia Holdings, CastingAsia and TalentMind, please reach out to us at


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