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Industry Spotlight: Brand V.S. Branding

The Industry Spotlight series looks at hot-topic areas in the industries AnyMind Group companies (AdAsia Holdings, CastingAsia, TalentMind) are driving.

Let’s dig deep into this often misunderstood topic and clarify what the real differences are between these two. When you think about a ‘brand’ what is the first thing that comes to mind? Your favorite product or company?

Brand is defined as “what a company stands for in the mind of a customer.” It also represents what a person can expect to get as a result of becoming a customer.

On the contrary, branding is what a company does to develop its brand. Branding relates to the choices and decisions that are made through marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, etc.

Therefore, if you take into consideration the relationship between these two terms, a ‘brand’ or ‘company image’ is ultimately developed as the result of the efforts of ‘branding’.

As you can see, creating a brand for your company is a very crucial aspect of business development.

Apart from providing innovative solutions, AdAsia Holdings and CastingAsia provide you with consultants to elevate your product or brand to the next level through smart branding, influencer marketing and advertising campaigns. Our knowledgeable experts know the difference between ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ and can assist in developing a unique and effective branding strategy tailor-made for you.

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