Core Values

AnyMind Team

AnyMind Group looks to empower all staff to grow both personally and professionally. We move fast, work hard and play hard. Bringing in the best people for each role is just the first step - we provide the environment for you to flourish.

Corporate Philosophy:

Growth for Everyone

Since starting in April 2016 as AdAsia Holdings, AnyMind Group has grown exponentially.

AdAsia Holdings was known as the fastest-growing ad tech company in Asia, expanding into 9 markets, 10 offices and a product development center, in just under 2 years. The company recorded revenues of US$12.9m in 2016, US$26m in 2017, and closed a Series A funding round - the biggest first funding round in advertising technology in Asia.

In January 2018, AnyMind Group was formed - enabling the growth of not just AdAsia Holdings, but also CastingAsia and TalentMind, a HR-focused business. This marked AnyMind Group's expansion out of the advertising technology industry, enabling further growth for the company and its people.

The philosophy: "Growth for Everyone", extends to all stakeholders - from partners, the ecosystem and industry bodies, to clients, staff and investors, AnyMind Group looks to empower every single stakeholder to achieve greater growth.

AnyMind Group is truly able to drive this position today - having the ability to empower growth for professionals, businesses and industries.


AnyMind Group is a technology company whose mission is to empower professionals, businesses and industries to achieve greater growth.

AnyMind Group has a strong commitment to contribute to the growth of industries, businesses and professionals - empowering this growth through the use of technology. This reflects in the way AnyMind Group innovates and develops new technology, and the continuous growth of its business models.

The AnyMind Values

The AnyMind Values outline the foundational building blocks of the AnyMind Team from which growth is achieved both internally and externally. These contribute to the growth mindset that is a requirement for staff within AnyMind Group.

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The dedication to professional obligations and duties through care, responsibility, and loyalty.

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The capability of accelerating existing processes while maintaining the same or higher levels of performance and innovation.

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Be adaptable

The ability to adjust and improvise to new conditions with resilience.

Three Key Pillars

When you step into one of our offices, you can feel the energy in the air. We move fast, work hard, and play hard.Our staff hail from different countries, each bringing their unique local expertise and experience to the team.


Since its inception, AnyMind Group's growth has been driven by its people. The management team at AnyMind Group is committed to providing conducive environments for further and continuous growth for all staff.


AnyMind Group looks to empower professionals, businesses and industries through innovative technological solutions, including TalentMind and CastingAsia. Innovation has always been at the core, as our people look for solutions that enable greater efficiency and productivity.


AnyMind Group believes that the best solutions require expert knowledge not just of technologies, but also of specific contexts. To this end, localized solutions that address unique needs will always be a core offering of the company.


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