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AdAsia Holdings

AdAsia™ Holdings is the fastest-growing advertising technology company in Asia, enabling marketers, advertisers and publishers in Asia to easily use innovative and intelligent tools to increase returns.The very best of modern marketing is brought to you on an intelligent, easy-to-use platform and dashboard.

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CastingAsia™ is the next-generation influencer marketing platform, powered by artificial intelligence. CastingAsia™ was created to deliver data-driven insights to influencer marketing, providing brands with a competitive advantage through innovation.

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TalentMind™ is an AI-driven recruitment optimization platform that streamlines and enhances the recruitment and hiring process. Human resource professionals can tap on AI to screen, analyze and match prospects to businesses.

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VGI AnyMind Technology

VGI AnyMind Technology is a joint venture between AnyMind Group and VGI Global Media, and powered by AdAsia Holdings' market-leading ad optimization technology.VGI AnyMind Technology provides advertisers with access to personalized, impactful out-of-home advertising

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FourM is a publisher trading desk in Japan, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in October 2017. FourM now belongs under the AdAsia Holdings brand of AnyMind Group.

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Acqua Media

Acqua Media is a publisher trading desk in Hong Kong, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in August 2018. Acqua Media now belongs under the AdAsia Holdings brand of AnyMind Group.

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Moindy Digital

Moindy Digital is a creator network in Thailand, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in March 2019. Moindy Digital now belongs under the CastingAsia brand of AnyMind Group.

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AnyMind Group and SUNNY SIDE UP set up joint venture, AnyUp. AnyUp is a new breed of public relations-tech companies in Japan, leveraging on CastingAsia’s influencer marketing expertise, network and technology, and SUNNY SIDE UP’s content discovery and public relations capabilities.


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