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As part of AnyMind Group, CastingAsia™ was created to deliver AI-driven influencer marketing, providing brands with a competitive advantage through innovation. CastingAsia™ is the next-generation influencer marketing platform, powered by artificial intelligence. CastingAsia™ ensures you engage with the best influencers for your brand by leveraging on computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning.



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CastingAsia™ Platform

Recruitment, access, management and reporting, all through a single dashboard.


We've evolved the way our platform matches influencers to you. Apart from crunching historical and projected campaign data, CastingAsia™ now taps into computer vision, deep learning and natural language processing to match the right influencer(s) to your brand. Gain access to over 30,000 influencers - your ability to compare, analyze and discover influencers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter is now even more powerful with CastingAsia™.


Never be restricted to your desk. CastingAsia™ has been engineered to ensure you have 24/7 access through your nearest device.As always, you can engage influencers through CastingAsia™ whenever and wherever you need.


CastingAsia™ provides you with a single control panel to manage your influencer marketing campaigns. From delivering communications and monitoring of campaign activity, to the growing of your influencer network - no technical expertise needed, just one beautiful and easy to use platform.


Easily track and monitor your influencer marketing activities and campaigns through the CastingAsia™ platform. Leverage on deep learning, anomaly detection and real-time monitoring to ensure a brand-safe environment for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Engage influence at scale

Reach the biggest pool of micro-influencers and engage audiences at a grassroots level.

Performance-based payments

No dollar is wasted - we make sure that you pay based on your returns. CastingAsia™ enables you to only run posts that you like, and pay by the number of post engagements.

Fraud protection

CastingAsia™ utilises a combination of learning and fraud detection to protect your brand and dollar, ensuring every post is brand-safe and fraud free.

Micro-influencer campaigns at scale

Scaling your micro-influencer campaign has never been easier. Work within a local remit or drive your campaigns on a regional scale.

Data-driven influencer engagement

CastingAsia™ ensures your campaign reaches the right influencers. Gain insight into influencer data at a macro or micro level.

Expertise at your fingertips

Leverage on localised teams to drive your influencer marketing campaigns.

Regional and local expertise

Obtain influencer marketing strategies, action plans and best practices from our Influencer Engagement consultants. With local teams across Asia, your influencer marketing activities will be sure to reach and engage audiences that matter.

Managed solution

Need more resources on your influencer marketing campaigns and management? The Influencer Engagement team provides timely and valued support across strategy, campaign management, content activation and management, and post campaign analysis.

Influencer relationship management

The Influencer Engagement team ensures your influencers are properly briefed, well-taken care of and ready for your campaigns. CastingAsia™ takes influencer relationship management to the next level.


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