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AI driven recruitment for recruiters and hiring professionals.


The operating system for HR professionals

TalentMind is a powerful one-stop software for HR professionals. The easy-to-use platform features a suite of intelligent tools, designed to drive greater effectiveness in HR activities. Starting from an AI-based screening module connected to an applicant tracking system (ATS), the TalentMind platform also includes a robust human resource management system and payroll - enhancing the power of data across human resource efforts.

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Leveraging on natural language processing, machine learning and more, TalentMind automates the candidate screening process, providing HR with deeper insights and analysis of the candidate even before an interview begins.

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Applicant Management

Leverage on a unified applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage and view candidate pipelines, communicate with candidates, and easily connect with job boards and your careers page.

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Human Resource Management

Easily access, manage and track all your employee data in one secure cloud-based platform, including compensation history, attendance and time-off, employee information and more.

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Automatically and securely calculate payroll based on various employee data and performance factors, and easily set calculation perimeters. TalentMind automatically generates payroll in compliance with local government regulations on behalf of each employee.