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AnyMind Group's offerings in entertainment tech include the CastingAsia platform - a one-stop solution for marketers to dicover influencers, manage, activate and track influencer marketing activity. The CastingAsia Creators Network provides resources to over 140,000 influencers and content creators from over 20 markets globally.

Together, these offerings combine to become a full-stack influencer marketing solution for marketers, influencers and content creators.

For Brands

CastingAsia for Brands

CastingAsia™ Platform

Recruitment, access, management and reporting, all through a single dashboard.

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Find and match a range of personalities - from nano-influencers to celebrities - to your brand's unique needs. Gain invaluable insights into a creator, including how followers engage with the influencer, the demographics of a creator's followers, and more. CastingAsia does all the heavy data crunching, allowing you to find the best influencer(s) for your brand.

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CastingAsia provides you with a robust marketplace to drive influencer marketing at the grassroots level. Ensure peace of mind through a mix of fraud detection levers and performance-based payments - you now have a secure solution that delivers as close to your dollars.

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Management at scale

Gain access to over 140,000 influencers in Asia - your ability to compare, analyze and discover influencers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter is now even more powerful with CastingAsia.

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Easily track and monitor your influencer marketing activities and campaigns through the CastingAsia platform. Leverage on real-time monitoring to ensure a brand-safe environment for your influencer marketing campaigns.

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Regional and local expertise

Obtain influencer marketing strategies, action plans and best practices from our CastingAsia Engagement consultants. With local teams across Asia, your influencer marketing activities will be sure to reach and engage audiences that matter.

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Influencer relationship management

The CastingAsia Engagement team ensures your influencers are properly briefed, well-taken care of and ready for your campaigns. CastingAsia takes influencer relationship management to the next level.

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Managed solution

Need more resources for your influencer marketing campaigns and management? The CastingAsia Engagement team provides timely and valued support across strategy, campaign management, content activation and management, and post campaign analysis.

For Creators

CastingAsia for Creators

CastingAsia™ Creators Network

With local teams in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan, the CastingAsia Creators Network provides you with exclusive opportunities, benefits, and expert support. We’re taking influencer marketing and social media marketing to the next level by opening doors for your further growth.

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Channel optimization and monitoring

We provide you with the resources to optimize and monitor your social media channels. Tap on our experts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, DailyMotion, Line and more!

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Marketing support

We help you grow your own brand! Through collaborative endorsements, outreach and marketing, we help drive your personal brand.

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Production support

Be it access to an extensive music library, video editing support, graphic design, studio and location resource or creative resources, we provide you with the platform for you to grow your brand

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Creators academy

Through the exclusive Castingsia Creators Academy, you’ll gain access to expert tips and tricks, and local and virtual workshops to help you blossom as a creator and influencer.

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Exclusive sponsorships

Having worked with over 500 brands across the globe, we match you with the most exciting businesses available.

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Strategy consultation

Our team of influencer experts provide you with local and regional expertise to help you grow your influence

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Dedicated support

Our local teams across all major markets in Asia ensure that you have the best customized support for your needs.

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Content collaborations

Paid endorsements are just the first step. We want to build a long-term partnership with you. Take part in SNS marketing campaigns, events, and more.

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Platform experts

Whether it is YouTube marketing, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms, our team has the relevant expertise to help you grow your influence.