One-stop manufacturing and commerce solution


What is AnyMind D2C?

AnyMind D2C is a one-stop solution for direct-to-consumer businesses. AnyMind D2C provides a one-stop solution for planning, financial support and product manufacturing for influencers who are looking to launch their own brand. For those who already have a brand, AnyMind Group provides a manufacturing solution that lowers production costs and other solutions including influencer collaborations and more. At AnyMind Group, we're looking to create a world where it's easier to build a brand.

End-to-end support to create and launch a brand


Brand conceptualization

Support from a dedicated brand team (brand recommendations through data analysis).


Financial support

Dependant on conditions, we will provide full financial support including initial costs.



Match with the best production suppliers from AnyFactory's manufacturing network.


E-commerce capabilities

Support for building and operating your e-commerce capabilities and online shop.



Full support for logistics, including delivery support until the actual delivery to customers.



Harmonize marketing activities with sales data and brand characteristics & profile.


Customer service

Provision of customer service features related to brand and customer relations.

For Creator

No initial brand start-up costs

Only those who pass the screening process will be assisted by AnyMind Group with initial costs and necessary funds.

Bring your ideas to life

Our brand consultants will reach out for discussion and analyze your social media data to ideate the right product for you.

Create your own unique brand

We support the creation of your own brand from scratch, not an off-the-shelf product. Leverage on AnyFactory to connect with a network of factories around the world.

For Brand

Reduce costs through AnyFactory

Leverage on AnyFactory's network of manufacturers across Asia, providing you with a more efficient production system than your current setup.

Full support of your e-commerce site

We provide full support for the launch and operation of your e-commerce site, along with proposing measures that focus on user experience.

Marketing support including influencer marketing

Leverage on AnyMind Group's various solutions including AdAsia and CastingAsia for your advertising and influencer marketing efforts to grow your brand.

What is AnyFactory?

AnyFactory is a cloud manufacturing platform that matches you with the best manufacturing suppliers and makes it easy for anyone to create their desired products. We work with more than 200 manufacturers across Asia, and AnyFactory provides you with the most suitable manufacturer for the products you want to create.

Our Factories

We work with over 200 manufacturers across Asia, and we match you with the best manufacturers based on the product you want to create.

AnyMind Group is a technology company with a presence of 17 offices across 13 markets in Asia. Through our expanded presence, we are able to find the best manufacturer for your desired product, build your online sales capabilities and provide a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers.